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Resin to Glassfibre Ratios

For an effective laminate, it is essential that the glassfibre material is thoroughly “wetted-out” with Resin. The amount of resin needed to do this varies from one glassfibre material to another. The following table shows the amount of Resin needed per square metre of fibreglass material.

Chopped Strand Mat Resin Requirement m²

300 g/m²

750 g

450 g/m²

1.125 kg

600 g/m²

1.5 kg

Woven Roving Resin Requirement m²

195 g/m²

215 g

280 g/m²

308 g

300 g/m²

330 g

450 g/m²

495 g

600 g/m²

660 g

800 g/m²

880 g

Surface Tissue Resin Requirement m²

25 g/m²

75 g

Liquid Catalyst - (MEKP-NA2)

Add 2ml of catalyst per 100 g of resin, and stir thoroughly. The miniumum ratio of catalyst is 1% and a maximum of 3% per weight of the product.

Resin Liquid Catalyst - MEKP NA2 (ml)

50 g

1 ml at 2%

100 g

2 ml at 2%

250 g

5 ml at 2%

500 g

10 ml at 2%

1 kg

20 ml at 2%

1.5 kg

30 ml at 2%

2 kg

40 ml at 2%

5 kg

100 ml at 2%

10 kg

200 ml at 2%

25 kg

500 ml at 2%

With General Purpose Resin (but not Gelcoat), the rate of cure can be slowed down by halving above ratios giving you a 1% liquid catalyst percentage per weight of resin. This can be useful in very hot weather, when the resin might otherwise cure too quickly you can then double the liquid catalyst in the table above giving you a 3% catalyst % per weight of resin.

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The information included in this document is given in good faith and is intended to assist you the customer in determining the suitability of this product for your application. Due to the diverse applications and conditions in which many of our products may be used, we request that you, the user, test and inspect our product to satisfy yourself of its contents and suitability for your specific need. This document does not constitute any guarantee or warranty expressed or implied. The exclusive remedy for all proven claims is replacement of our product and under no circumstances shall we be liable for any special, consequential or incidental damages.

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